How To Know Your Home Needs A New Roof In Broward County Florida

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to cut down costs and efficiently maintain your home to save as much money as possible. And the last thing you want to do spend your hard earned money on a new roof. But, as the essential support and protection of your home, and consequently your family, money invested in a new roof is the best decision you can make. But how do you know when it is finally time to install a new roof, especially living in Broward County, Florida?

Living in Florida is unlike any other part of country. Most of the time it’s sunny and beautiful, but then there’s the occasional hurricane, wind, rain, and random occurrences that cause your roof to build up mold or age quickly. Luckily, there a few tell-tale signs that can help you figure out your next roofing move.

1. Damage To Your Roof

The most noticeable sign that it is time to get a new roof is when you can actually see damage to your roof. Just looking at the condition of your shingles can be a great indicator. If you notice any browning, chipped edges, holes, curling, or buckling, then it’s time to give Universal Roofing a call. Also, do you notice any shingles or parts of your roof actually falling to the ground? Yeah, I bet you realize that isn’t a good sign either. Luckily, when this happens, you can give us a call at 954-923-5100 and we can give you a FREE QUOTE on a new roof.

 2. The Inevitable Aging

When you bought your home, did you ask what year the roof was installed? Or a guestimate on how old it is? Knowing the age of your roof can really help you understand when it is time to get it replaced. Usually roofs last for about 25 years in Broward County, Florida. If you aren’t sure of your roofs age you can find out the date of your home permit, ask the seller or previous homeowner, or have us here at Universal Roofing come out and estimate the age for you. We can then give you options on new roofing designs and types that would be perfect for your unique home.

3. Inspecting Your Roof Valleys

Roof valleys are one of the most important components to your roof, especially living in Broward County, Florida where it can rain randomly any day. Roof valleys direct rainwater to flow safely away from your roof and foundation, so your home is protected against water damage. If your roof valley is damaged, and you notice broken shingles, holes, mold, or bending in that specific area, then it is definitely time to replace your roof. If your roof valley cannot function properly, then you will have bigger issues in your home than just a damaged roof.

As the roofing experts in Broward County, Florida, Universal Roofing can help no matter what type of problems you see on your roof. When you give us a call, our friendly experts can give you a variety of options for your new roof. We can also give you affordable options that stay true to your budget. Give us a call at 954-923-5100 and we will give you a free quote and ensure your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.