6 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors When Hiring

Roofing Contractors – There is a certain set of questions you need to ask your roofing contractor before making the final decision to hire them. A wrong choice of a contractor may lead to poor job and costly repairs down the line, implying that you will end up spending lots of money, when you could have avoided that by choosing the right roofing contractor. Use the following questions to help you hire the right contractor.


  • What is your company name and you have a physical address?


A professional roofing contractor must have a physical address where you can literally trace them should things go wrong amidst your dealings. If the contractor you are considering hiring doesn’t have a physical location, you shouldn’t bother with them, even if they seem very convincing that their services are the best in the market. Simply move on and consider those with physical addresses.


  • Can you show proof of insurance?


Two types of insurances are imperative to roofing contractors – liability insurance and Workman’s Compensation. Liability insurance is to protect the homeowner from damage arising due to replacements and repairs caused by the roofer while Workman’s Compensation insurance is to shield the owner in the event that one of the contractor’s employees gets injured during the project. Without these insurances, the homeowner will be personally responsible for any injuries as well as the costs of replacements or repairs that might have been caused by the actions of the contractor.


  • Will you sub contract any part of the project


You need to know if the contractor is going to sub contract any part of the project, and if so, you have to be clear on the specifics and be certain that the subcontractor is equally qualified to work on the project. They should particularly have all the necessary insurances.


  • Are you a licensed roofing contractor?


Legit roofing contractors should be licensed by the state or the city. The requirements for licensing may vary from state to state and some cities as well as counties may also require that all contractors be licensed. Determine if a license is needed in your area, and if that is the case, let the contractor show you their licenses. If possible, take time to check with the licensing office whether the contractor’s license is genuine, valid and has no outstanding issues.


  • Can you give me a list of homeowner references?


Ask the contractor to give you references to local residential jobs they had previously worked on so that you can visit and check on the quality of their work. If he is willing to provide such references, take your time to follow up with the homeowners and ask them whether or not they were happy with the roofing services they received from the contractor.


  • Do your services come with a warranty?


Ask the contractor if they offer any guarantees on their work, and if so, ask them about the duration of the guarantee. Typically warranty by most roofing contractors will last for one year while there are others that will last slightly longer. In most cases, the contractor will cover his work, while the manufacturer will cover his materials. The contractor should make it clear to you the details of each warranty as well as the duration of the covers.